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Now is the era that the importance of the safety management for the maleficence and danger of the harmful chemicals is getting increased.

NCT Co., Ltd developed the detecting sensor that reacts to the leakage of the minimum of harmful chemicals without maloperation to protect not only the life and properties of the customers but also the environment from the harmful chemicals. Customers can build-up the harmful chemicals precautionary management system that can prevent the accidents by detecting them fast based on this technology.

NCT Co., Ltd succeeded the bulk production of the highly sensitive sensor that reacts to the harmful chemicals by using the nano-material based reactive materials first in domestic market, and holds original patents, patents for the core technologies and certificates.

We also have technologies and quality competitiveness that make us to be able to react immediately for the requirements of the customers based on the long-term studies and technologies in detecting areas of the harmful chemicals and conductive materials.

We promise that we will be the company growing together with the customers with the best technologies and quality that leads the market while giving the safety of the customers as the top priority value.


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