Product Description

Controller and Master controller

Main control

Product Overview

The main control detects the leak condition early when acid or base material leaks, and an alarm sounds according to the range set in the sensor. It is a device developed so that an alarm can be transmitted to a monitoring device and the damage to the sensor is installed at an early stage. It is possible to check real-time data values ​​in the field and has a data accumulation function when a sensor error occurs.


  • Changeable detection conditions for each sensor type

  • Controller setting value change function through monitor

  • Monitoring notification status and communication status

  • Alarm status and detection conditions can be changed according to the site

  • Reliability recognition through (CE) certification

Product Specification

Product Name Main control
Number NB01AA
Size 96mm(W) X 66mm(H) X 29mm(D)
Supplying Power 12V DC / 200mA
Communication Type RS-485, MODBUS com., 9600BPS
Relay Output 1 FORM C, 1A 24VDC, 0.5A 125VAC
Sensor Input 1K ~ 5,000KΩ
Service Temperature -20 ~ 50℃

Hazardous chemical detection sensor

ㆍ Acid sensor
ㆍ Alkali sensor
ㆍ Oil sensor
ㆍ Leak sensor
ㆍ Coin sensor

Controller and Master controller

ㆍ Main control
ㆍ Master Controller


ㆍ Start & end connector
ㆍ Link Connector

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