Product Description

Hazardous chemical detection sensor

Acid sensor

Product Overview

The acid sensor is a hazardous chemical detection sensor for the prevention, monitoring and response of hazardous material warnings. In manufacturing, we found a sensor that uses chemicals to respond faster than conventional products, prevent malfunctions, and react only to hazardous chemicals. Serial (RS-485) communication output is available to enable the network configuration of the controller and sensor, and it is easy to manage and the stability for industrial safety is improved.


  • Sensor reacts only to the harmful chemicals selectively and the leakage amount and harmful materials can be discriminated

  • Carbon reacting materials using direct chemical reacting type sensor is used instead of electric short circuit type sensor

  • Prevent malfunction due to water and humidity

  • Can be installed directly at the leak location

  • Fast reacting speed

  • Reacts to low concentration hazardous substances

  • Integrated monitoring possible

    : Sensor data accumulation function
    : Mobile communication function
    : Detect product status in real time

Product Specification

Product Name Acid Chemical Sensor
Number NA01AA
Size width : 36mm / thickness : 270μm
Detection target substances Hydrofluoric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Chromic Acid etc
Cover film When reacting to the acidic substances Cover film will be changed to Red
Detection liquid volume 1ml or more
Service Temperature -20 ~ 80℃

Hazardous chemical detection sensor

ㆍ Acid sensor
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ㆍ Oil sensor
ㆍ Leak sensor
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Controller and Master controller

ㆍ Main control
ㆍ Master Controller


ㆍ Start & end connector
ㆍ Link Connector

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